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Hello reader this is Jaganmangat,editor of Thewebtricks.com,i am happy to see that you showed your interest in Write for uspage.

You can earn traffic by writing articles related to technology,web help,social media news,blogging stuff and related articles.

What you will get by writing articles:-

  • Back-link to your own blog[well we respect your blog too].
  • This blog is now 4/10 Google Page Rank blog and every link of your site on the guest post counts in ranking of your blog.
  • With back-links you will get traffic to your blog or website,which works as a booster while writing articles and makes you earn a lot of Adsense money.
  • Online exposure to more traffic.

I will not be your Boss

because  am a simple guy like you all,we are bloggers and we learn each and every day from each others,so it will not be like very strict on rules while accepting guest posts.

Update-Dont submit the published posts for reviews,we have been receiving hundreds of published posts for reviews,this cant help you with any thing instead you will get your user account deleted without any respect for your published posts(If we have published your post in previous after reviewing)

Simple and easy things to be kept in mind while writing guest posts:-

Write unique and original,as with a particular guest post your info is going to be mentioned below the posts.

  • Your article must be related to web help and web tricks only.
  • No affiliate links,that you should use in your own blog/website.
  • Write in simple English and in a way that the first time reader really get impressed by you.
  • Try to provide images and videos with the post as they helps elaborate the article and is the smartest way of writing blogger posts.
  • You will not republish any article published here on this blog as a guest post by you[not even mine too

Take those above written lines as suggestions while writing and not as Rules by The Admin.

If you started  a new websites which provide some kind of service which may be really useful for users,then write a guest posts related to your website with introduction,working,benefits and how to start procedure.

So in the end i will only say that this is a WordPress,SEO friendly Blog,which will benefit you a lot,earn you a lot and will respect your words a lot.

Note-We encourage contributers to complete their profile info which readers see at the bottom of the post content(see screenshot)

You can do this by editing the user profile after creating an account from below.Just go to edit profile,input the author details,you website url,nick name,name to be displayed. Contributes get three do-follow back links so,you can include one or two links in the authors bio info box.If you are ready for guest posting then proceed and signup.

(We get access to your every post,we can edit your bio info,of course we can edit your entire guest post so provide no affiliate links in the post,Thanks!)

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