Why n’t Try Our WordPress Installation Service

A self hosted WordPress website starting from just $100(No credit cards required).WordPress is an open source Content management System(CMS) which is worlds number one CMS and is used by millions of professionals for their Business websites,by interested people for their personal blogs and by Giant companies for their news website.Famous Blogs like Mashable.com,Techcrunch.com etc all are using WordPress.

WordPress is an open source software and it costs nothing,so starting a website with WordPress is free,we only have to pay for content hosting,domain name and installation.

Now that stuff got more cheaper than ever.You dont have to worry about costly hosting bills and domain name costs.We have the cheapest deal over here.

You pay $100 to us and we will provide you a Self-Hosted WordPress website with following features:-

  1. Fully installed WordPress,with newly created Database on fresh account and new Domain name.
  2. Hosting from one the best hosting company Dreamhost.com for one year.
  3. .com domain name for one year.
  4. Free themes,free WordPress plugins(from WordPress.org).
  5. More than $50 Google Adwords Credit for creating Google ads of your website(we will help you in how you can use it).
  6. Basic guide in Using WordPress,for first time users.

All for just $100.

This is the cheapest deal over the internet.You wont get a deal cheaper than this.You might be having some questions in your mind,read the following part of the page we have done answering some of the basic questions which might be buzzing around in your mind.

Q.Why cheapest?

Ans.We just started WordPress installation for public (for working online to pay living wages like food,internet bill,electricity bill etc ) and setting up websites for people,so its startup and we are proudly the cheapest and simplest.

Q.Why just $100 and everything?

Ans.It just costs us close to $100 and we keep a very little part of the money we get ($100 includes hosting,domain name and installation charges).No hidden charges or crap.Customers are more happy paying correct amount for good and simple work.$100 is correct and quite affordable.

Q.Are you a company or Freelancer?

Ans.Freelancer and that is the reason we are the cheapest and our customers will prove our reliability.

Q.How Customers can pay you and what info you require?

Ans.We are freelancer and so we receive payments through PayPal.PayPal dont allow payments more than $500(Indians) but we dont ask for that much from any one.Just $100 for one website.

We require customer to have new Gmail account(use that email id to buy hosting for customer),more info which hosting company requires and one main thing i.e customer satisfaction.

Q.From what company you buy hosting?

Ans.Dreamhost.com,they are worlds best hosting providers.Read More about them.

Q.Dreamhost starts hosting from $8.95/M($8.95*12=$107.4),then how could you create a website for just $100 with domain name and WordPress installation?

Ans.We are Dreamhost.com customers and use promo codes for new signups,so we get some discounts and because of which our price is just $100 and not more.

If you dont hire us you have another option in which you have to pay $107.4 for hosting,$10 for domain name,separate pay for WordPress installation(may be $100 or more,international rates apply) and no free guide for starting with WordPress.(This is not our opinion,we dont like this deal)

We hope you could choose the cheap one.

Q.Why not any other hosting companies?

Ans.We are using Dreamhost from past 11 months and they proved that they are the best,now it is your time to use their awesome services.

Q.What make us trust you?,any samples or sites to prove previous WordPress installations?

Ans.We own three sites with WordPress as their CMS,all are running good and on the same hosting plan.This website,W3Times.com and Globalisedpost.com.

Q.Any terms and Conditions?

Ans.Yes,just few:-

  1. Customer must be having a PayPal account,its really simple to make one and every one do have credit cards these days.We dont require your credit card but PayPal do.This is the only way we can get payments,oh! just a payment of $100 per WordPress website.
  2. Indian Customers can pay via Internet-Netbanking,its easy and according to PayPals new Terms and Conditions we cant use money from PayPal to buy anything or transfer amount.
  3. If customer wishes to pay in two steps then a sum of $105 is to be payed(because of PayPal transfer charges),if customer wishes to pay once,then just $100.
  4. We like smiling faces and if you are willing to have a WordPress website for your online appearance,then we got a big opportunity to make you smile

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