What to Do Something about Spam? Report it!

If you ask anyone if they can pick out an Internet scam, they will tell you it’s simple. If there is a flashing message that pops-up on your screen and tells you that you have won one million dollars, you know it is too good to be anything but a scam.

We see them every day and they seem to keep coming back over and over again. A big reason many of these scams go undetected and remain online for so long is because no one knows how to report an Internet scam. While “x’ing” out a pop-up add or deleting a junk email isn’t a big deal once or twice, doing this every day does add up. Reporting an Internet scam is quick and easy and will certainly save time in the long run.

There are a variety of different scams found online including internet fraud, junk email, and pop-ups. One great way to report spam is through a spam reporting service. This is one of the easiest ways to report spam if you do not have a lot of time, although it can involve installation and sometimes a price. One of the most popular spam reporting services is called Spamcop, which can be obtained by a simple internet registration. If you get a lot of spam, a spam reporting service is absolutely the way to go.

For those mad enough about that junk email but prefer to take matters on themselves, there are a few simple steps you can take to report spam:

If Software Isn’t For You, Follow These Three Easy Steps:-

  1. Determine the ISP – ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. This basically means find the source of the message. One thing to remember is that the name in the “from:” line is usually fake, so you need to either activate spam reporting software, or use traceroute.
  2. Use a Traceroute – This is a tool that is usually built into your system (called a tracert on Windows). Once you launch the traceroute, you will see domain names that trace right to the spammers ISP.
  3. Complain – Send a complaint email to abuse@ _(domain name)_. If this does not work, visit The Network Abuse Clearninghouse for help finding the right place to send your email.

The important thing to remember about reporting spam is that it is very common. If you get an email or a pop-up, it is not uncommon to report it. If you have a problem with Internet fraud, however, reporting may be different and more serious. However, those annoying little emails and pop-ups are an easy fix if you just take the time to report them.

It may also give you piece of mind to know that if a spammer gets caught, they will not only lose their Internet connection but will most likely have to pay a fine. In other words, you will get justice in the end through your simple little report.


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