Things to consider before Google Adsense signup

Google Adsense is an advertising program by Google.

Using Google Adsense you can earn revenue through ad clicks+ad impressions.Adsense is the most popular,the most reliable and permanent source of advertisements revenue(if you dont voilate the terms and conditions).

Uncountable number of blogs and sites are running on the basis of revenue earned from Google Adsense.The process is really simple,but people make a lot of mistakes before signing up for Adsense.

Sometimes they request for an account approval too early,sometimes they dont read the terms and conditions before applying for an account and many more mistakes.

Getting Adsense account approved is really simple and needs not hard knowledge.Before i start i want you all to read some official pages from Google Adsense.

Read Something about Google Adsense,Their Program Policies.

All the basic thing you need to know are listed in Adsense Program Policies but there are some more to consider.

Some points to consider before Adsense signup(talking about blogs,but similar for many sites):-

1.You must be 18+,having a blog/site and you must have read their Program policies.

2.Your blog must be well focused on its niche and subsequently all the content must be original.

3.You must be getting at least 30-40 unique visitors per day from Google(and other Search engine) and more than 40,50 unique visitors per day(Adsense is happy with more amount of traffic).

4.If you are an Indian(or from a country from where maximum Adsense fraud cases were found),then you must be very careful while Applying for Adsense,your site must be atleast three monts old(one of my friend[Indian] got approval after one month of starting the blog,that blog might be well focused on niche and will be having good traffic+ some more good points).

5.You musts use your website or blog mail id(configured with Google apps),like this helps get a fast approval,but in my case i was lucky to get an approval via a gmail id).

6.You must not be having ads from other networks already being placed on your site/blog(after adsense approval you can apply for more advertisement networks,so dont worry).

7.In between your posts you must not be placing affiliate links(this is considered as non-user friendly,and may result in refusal of your Adsense application).

8.Nice and premium looking,fast and easy to navigate sites/blogs attract more readers,which increases more traffic,hence more changes of Adsense approval.

9.Point third is very important,because if there is no traffic then who will click on ads(no clicks+impressions=no earnings).

10.There is nothing to worry about any thing because every one is eligible for Adsense,everyone have the right to earn revenue.

11.This is the most important point,before reading Adsense application reply email pray to god and you must have a glass of water placed on the side of your computer table.It may happen that an email from Adsense team with a subject Congratulation your account has been approved now you can earn money from Adsense may shock you really problem drink water and be safe.(heh!!!!!!)

So consider these simple and easy steps before Google Adsense signup and enjoy earning revenue(money) from your site/blogs traffic.

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