New Indian Google Adsense publisher?,read about things you need to now and remember

Google Adsense is an online advertising program by Google.It consists of publishers,it is linked with Google Adwords which consists of Advertisers.Google Adsense is serving millions of Publishers from 2003 and will keep on serving like that.The advertisers from Adwords are managed by Google Adsense,according to advertiserss bids ads are shown on publisherss sites or places and are paid on the basis on CTR(Click Through Rate) and eCPM( per Thousand impressions).

Google shares 68% of revenue with publishers for content and 51% revenue for Adsense for search.(Read-Amount of revenue Google Adsense shares with publishers)

Google Adsense is the biggest advertising program serving millions,so are their terms and conditions too strict.Thousands of people daily get their accounts blocked or suspended because of violating their Adsense terms and conditions.Their terms and conditions are not so much hard if you consider advertising as a professional process,these conditions are to maintain their advertising standard.

There is no limit to how much a publisher can earn,more the traffic more will be clicks and more will be earnings.But never violate the terms and conditions and keep in mind some of the following tips and suggestions(special points too mentioned for Indian publishers):-

1.Google is worlds number one online brands(Read and watch  Adsense Promo),so each and every of their service is important,all of these build Googles standard.Adsense is one of their service,so never consider it like that.Read their Terms and Conditions.

2.Adsense consists of publishers i.e you which shows their ads on your site.Make perfect use of advertising system,read Tips to put ads on your site or blog.

3.Never ever click on your own ads i.e on ads which you show or display on your blog or site.One or two click wont harm,but Google tracks every click and if they find you doing uneven clicks then they might suspend your account without notice(generally they notify about wrong usage but dont about fraud clicks from the place where the stats was checked).

4.You need to verify your Address,for this Google Adsense team send a verification pin to your mailing address.Put the mailing address which your post man can reach out and not some other address,it doesnt matter to Google where you live in a country where Adsense is allowed.

They just need you to be able to receive the payments.When you reach the $10 mark you will get a notification of Pin sent.Note-Its the case with Indian publishers where payments are made only via check,in other countries the procedure might change with change in payments.For publishers with check delivery the same procedure might be used.

The above image is the verification pin mail which i received after 15 days of messagePin sent.

5.In India payments are only made via checks which is sent as courier and Bluedart provides the free courier service.If you live in an area where Bluedart dont server then you will get the check as a registry.Normaly an Adsense check takes 2-3 weeks,but might take 30 days depending on the addressee.Normally the payments are made every month after 23rd of every month,you can hold your payments in order not to receive the payments monthly.Read this Google/policies page.

6.You can display your Adsense earnings on your blog or site if you are an entrepreneur or run an affiliate blog where showing income stats helps promote the site.But dont display the clicks stats,if you upload images of your stats page,kindly hide the clicks and on checks hide your address just like it was done on the above image.

7.Dont ask your friends to click on your ads,one or two clicks from a single location are counted and taken into consideration,but more uneven clicks are considered as fraud and never counts in to account.

8.For fraud clicks you get no revenue instead risk might get over.Be a good publisher and increase the earnings by increasing the traffic.

9.Dont ask or compel your readers to click on your ads.This is against Adsense T&C.

10.Never give title to your Adsense slot in side-bar or on the page.Dont use Adsense in popups.

11.Maximum optimization is allowed,nothing harm will happen to your advertisements if your Adsense ads link color matches the link color of your page,its called as optimization and not the violation of terms.

12.You can become Premium Adsense publisher if you get 2 Million monthly page views.Premium publishers can customize their ads in their own way according to their site space and design.(see few screenshots below)

13.Placing too many ads reduces the cost per click,cheap ads i.e ads with lower bid starts displaying on your site.Place no more than 3 content ads with both Text and Images option selected,place no more than 2 link units and no more than 2 search box with adsense for search enables.

14.Check your Adsense stats every day,any new message can pop in to your account.If you dont take action in a given time then you are responsible for future troubles.

15.You have Adsense account,good running site nothing more you need,do hard work,boost your traffic and your earnings will increase.

16.Bookmark their official Adsense blog and read it on regular basis.

So the tips and suggestions ends in 16 points which are few,more you will learn in future.Keep in touch with the blog and subscribe for updates via Email subscription.

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