How to Use Content Focused Keywords In WordPress

Use useful,adequate,according to niche keywords in your site/blogs meta data(Meta Data is the data which contains descriptions like Meta Title,Meta Description and Meta Keywords).

Meta keywords are essential for search engine ranking,it helps get traffic based on ranking for that keyword and helps search engines recognize your site niche and direct traffic to the site.Using relevant keywords always proves beneficial,its improves ranking and helps search engines direct traffic to the content of the site from where people can find useful content.

Like you search for flower,sites who rank high for  flower keyword are listed on top of search engine result pages.All results are accordingly listed and in case of every niche and category(Although Search engines started compromising with keywords,as to reduce competition between sites with similar keyword,a post will be published soon on this blog related to that)

So in sites  meta data use exactly relevant keywords.Use less number of keywords,large number of keywords are unnecessary.Search engines ignore much of the keywords on the page.Using relevant keywords increases ranking and hence traffic.

For this i have a true fact.Updated keywords and traffic on the site increased:-

WordPress is SEO friendly,it have SEO plugins,which makes it more optimized.In SEO plugin you get an option for site keywords,as well as keywords option for each post(via All in one SEO or WordPress SEO plugins or any other).
One week ago i did a small experiment with meta keywords.

In later i was using a large number of keywords,out of which much were not of our blogs niche.But a week ago i removed many keywords and put exactly relevant keywords,keywords related to blogs niche.This update to meta keywords for posts and pages increased traffic from search engines.And you would hardly believe that the total blog traffic increased by 20%.This is a very high increase.

When it comes to choosing keywords,we find a lot of difficulties,but it must be done and done with absolute accuracy.So try to make your meta keywords more content focused.It improves ranking of site and accordingly the traffic.

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