Discount codes,links,banners-what are these,why provided to you,harmful or useful and how?

Discount Coupon Codes, referral links-affiliate marketing.Yes all of these are components of affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing is commerce,simply,in affiliate marketing a referral refers services products etc via links,ad banners,coupon codes etc to readers,users,people and on sale of any of the affiliate products the referral get commissions,based on some percentage/calculations.

For affiliate marketing a marketer needs huge network or contacts with people for which he must be a blogger,site owner or running a small business(online).Mainly bloggers do affiliate marketing,for which they have huge traffic to their blog,they provide links,codes etc and get commission on sales or purchases.But in the blogging world,you will find thousands of blogs with banners,codes,links saying get discount on wordpress plugins,discount of domain names,discount on wordpress services.

You find hard to choose which code to use and which not to or you worry about spam while clicking on discount links(affiliate links),you think why i am provided with this huge discount,it might lead to spam and many things like this.

To help you a bit with these things,i am listing some tips or suggestions,which when kept in mind will not get you in trouble while using any affiliate link,coupon code, banners etc:-

1.In affiliate marketing,every one respect readers,users,if you are regular readers, subscriber of a good blog/site,you will hardly get in trouble with any affiliates.

2.Many sites provide bad affiliate links(mainly hidden or shortened),which may lead to spam in your system or in your mail box or may do any other hard to your personal stuff.

3.Bloggers respect their readers,the most because they do every thing,every stuff just for their readers,subscribers(advertisements too for their readers),they hardly violate the affiliate marketing terms and conditions.Although WordPress have plugins using which the ugly looking affiliate links are hided and made like this For,, etc,in case of these type of links before accepting them,first read the entire post related to the service or product affiliated.

4.Coupon codes are always safe,they never redirect you to any pages or websites,instead you manually have to add them while signups or while buying any product online.Like during Dreamhost wordpress hosting signup enter code 777 and enjoy 97% off on per year hosting plan(this is a valid example as well as a code,it ends 18th feb 2011 11:59 PM)

5.You will notice banners like normal ads,these banners works same as affiliate links,these takes you to signup pages or pages,from where you can buy affiliated product(s) at discount(discount amount shown on banners).
6.You know what you need,always listen to yourself,not to pages and companies(talking about onlines).

7.Only new companies or companies with extreme targets or companies with users having good knowledge of their product and services provide discounts,before any of signups with the company,do some quick research about the background and reputation of the company.

For that simply read their about us/about pages,Google about them,check site stats,rankings,refer asking your mates,friends about the company,refer asking the admins or authors of blogs which you read regularly.Thousands of companies are there which dont provide any option for affiliate marketing or stuff.

8.Discounts are only provided to or work for only new customers.Old customers are not eligible for discounts for new customers(only sometimes),although old customers are directly mailed about new services,discount notifications.This is because marketing is only needed for new customers,well reputed companies succeed  in maintaining customers and they do affiliate marketing.

9.When you get discount code or link,it means you are lucky and you are not lucky alone too.The same link or code,can be used by others too.

10.Smart thinking and sharp examination always helps,while dealing with any of the purchase process online.Remember not to take anything lightly,respect your money and mind and you will never get in to bad time or situation.

These were few tips or suggestions,which may help you while dealing with discount coupons codes,affiliate links,banners i.e online purchases of products or services.

If you need Dreamhost discount on new signup use coupon codeTHEWEBTRICKS1989 or needs Hostgator use this Signup link.The first one is the coupon code,which will give you 97$ discount(Indians and readers from some others countries get 50$) and second one is afiliate link by which will take you to a signup page and gives you huge discount.

Out of per sale i will get some precentage of commission(not taken from your amount by me,commissions managed by the company officials).

So above you are provided with discount coupon as well as with discount link with detail and with info about what i get out of it.Use them only if you need WordPress shared hosting(only for new customers).

Do add your suggestions below in the comments section,one mind cant cover all the points,your positive points/comments must be entertained.

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